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Utah Blues Fest String King

UTAH BLUES FEST WAS KILLER! Thanks to all who came out. Click the link below to see all the wonderful pictures taken at the fest. 

Utah Blues Fest Resonator

Eric Heideman is a proud user of Joe's Guitars and String King Guitars. Give Justin Pearce a visit at Mid-Valley Guitar Gallery if you are interested in a one-of-a-kind custom instrument. 

Eric Heideman hails from Salt Lake City Utah.ericheideman

Out Of Time Album Cover

Rainey Wetnight of Blues Blast Magazine claims that Out Of Time by Eric Heideman is "one part Jimi Hendrix, one part the Dave Matthews Band, one part Chris Isaak, and all original. “Eclectic” and “unique” are the two best descriptors." She describes some of the songs on the record as such, 'The title track is one heck of an “experience,” a la Hendrix and other acid rockers. It begins with a monotone crescendo that allows drummer Emily Smiley to strut her stuff, then launches into a kaleidoscopic blend of horns, guitar, and free-verse rhythm. “Wild Ride” boasts a funky bassline by Sam Schultz. For a spin around the dance floor, check out “Feel So Good,” a spicy horn showcase with a slightly Latin cadence. Further down the line comes number eight, “Last Thing I Do,” in which Heideman channels Jeff Healey to near-perfection."

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