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What will Eric teach me?

I teach a variety of styles and topics including but not limited to blues, rock, slide, open tunings, songwriting, theory, fretboard awareness, rhythm, lead, electric, acoustic, recording, how to book shows, how to play with bands of different sizes, how to prepare for a jam session, practice techniques, how to use recording software, and how to find your unique sound. I also teach beginner bass guitar. 


Why take lessons with Eric?

I have 10+ years of guitar teaching experience of all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional, and all ages.

I was personally requested to open shows for ZZ Top at Eccles Theatre and Walter Trout at The State Room.

I was a featured performer at the Utah Blues Festival in 2022 & 2023 and has traded riffs alongside some of the top blues artists in the world including Nick Moss, Thornetta Davis, Vanessa Collier, Albert Castiglia, Tony Holiday, Laura Chavez, and Sugaray Rayford.

I have recorded three full length albums at different production levels. My latest record I recorded with a team of grammy nominees and blues award winners. 

Cancelation Policy

Cancelations with 24+ hours notice have two options, you can either reschedule the lesson, or I won't charge for the missed lesson.

Cancelations the day of will and no-shows will result in no chance for a make-up lesson and you will be charged.

If you are sick and still able to function we will continue with our usual lesson, it will just be over Zoom or FaceTime. 

If you have an emergency on the day of the lesson, I won't charge you.

Cancelations on my end with 24+ hours notice will be the same as if you cancel with notice.

Cancelations on my end the day of will result in you having a free lesson credit. 

I will allow a few no-shows/day of cancelations per student but if it becomes excessive, you will lose your lesson slot to someone who will use it. 

How Much are Lessons?

Lessons are $35 for a half hour and $60 for an hour. Lessons are typically weekly, although I can do a small group of lessons or bimonthly. 

Where are Lessons?

I teach lessons online as well as in person at my private residence in Austin, TX. I've been teaching online lessons and have been taking online lessons for a few years and they have proven to be successful.


For in-person and online lessons I will give students plenty of material to work with for the week including but not limited to videos, tabs, charts, and diagrams.  

      Student Testimonials

"Eric has been an extraordinary and inspirational guide in my learning journey. His unparalleled expertise and passion for the instrument create an inspiring learning environment. With patience and precision, he breaks down complex techniques, making even the most challenging pieces accessible for me. Beyond technical skills, his ability to instill a deep appreciation for music and foster creativity sets him apart. He does an outstanding job at tailoring his lessons to fit my needs to help me attain the best and most efficient learning experience. I'm grateful for his dedication to helping me learn, which has transformed my playing and ignited a profound love for the guitar."               - Myka, Guitar

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